What Are Spherical Lenses Used For?

Oct. 14, 2020

Browse all spherical lenses or aspheric lenses, or cylindrical lenses. We also provide a variety of lens mounts. Most substrates have various shapes and sizes, so it is important to choose the right lens type to reduce optical aberrations.

Spherical Lenses

Spherical Lenses

1. Spherical lens manufacturing

Our spherical lens manufacturing ability lies not only in the equipment and tools we have but also in the equipment that our engineers and operators can use-spraying, manufacturing, and measuring. At TCOPTIC we have a wide range of equipment that enables us to produce various high-precision optics our customers need. Our technicians use grinders, grinders, ingot grinders, double-sided grinders; CNC milling machines, grinders and trimming machines; MRF polishing, automatic cleaning equipment, electron beam, and IAD coaters, spectrophotometers, and interference instrument. While expanding and tightening our tooling tolerances, our engineers also focus on upgrading equipment and developing and improving our existing processes. We attract, train, and develop our workforce, and strive to expand our capabilities and improve the operating proficiency of our equipment.

2. There are two kinds of lenses, convergent lens, and divergent lens.

(1) The converging lens is called a convex lens. Its center is thicker than the edges.

(2) The divergent lens is called a concave lens. Its center is thinner than the edges.

The nature of the image formed by the convex lens changes with the distance between the object and the convex lens. However, with a concave lens, we always get a virtual, upright, and reduced image (regardless of the distance from the object to the lens).

3. Application of spherical lens.

TCOPTICS provides high-precision spherical lenses for defense, medical, semiconductor, and metrology fields. We specialize in producing high-quality spherical lens manufacturing with high index glasses, high angles, tight centering, and truncation. We have rich Spherical lens manufacturing experience in producing close tolerance achromatic aberration. We regularly provide inspection information, including melt data, inspection results, and spectral scans. The size range of our capabilities is from 3mm to 250mm, and the radius is from 3mm to 12m. The sum of the specifications ultimately determines our ability to produce your parts designated for printing. 

Spherical Lenses

Spherical Lenses

The above are the limits we currently consider, but if you exceed these requirements, we encourage you to contact us. Our engineers and technicians look for challenges, those that are outside our current comfort zone, but these challenges can be achieved through intensive efforts.

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